Educational disciplines


Enshrined in the pulpit 10 disciplines, including 4 - general cycle ("Slavic mythology", "Folklore", "World Folklore and Mythology," "History and Theory of World Culture"), 3 - social and human sciences ("Belorusovedenie" "Belarusian language (professional vocabulary) "," Jurisprudence "), 3 - optional (" Culture of Belarus "," Culture of Russia "," Office etiquette and paperwork "). In this academic year, with the Department of General History passed two subjects ("Theory and History of Culture" and "History of the culture of foreign countries"). And 2 subjects are taught in the master ("Concepts of mythological thinking" and "Belarusian folklore and mythology in the Slavic context"). Teachers of the department are managing the training of folk practices.

2011 Educational disciplines. Филологический факультет им. Ф. Скорины
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