The Department of Belarusian culture and folklore


Head - Doctor of Philology, Professor Stankiewicz Alexandra. Now teaching staff - this is 18 people, among them - 2 Doctor of Philology, Professor, and 14 candidates of philology.
Teachers of the department is carried out training activities at the philological faculty for students majoring in "Belarusian fialalogiya" and "Russian Philology", on the historical and legal departments, as well as the department of foreign mov.Shtogod Department staff is actively involved in the centralized testing.

The Department of the Belarusian language works in accordance with the quality management system, according to which each employee is personally liable to the extent of its competence for quality of raboty.Vykladchykami department were developed and integrated into the learning process lectures on the basic disciplines of the faculty based on the best pedagogical practices using innovative technologies. Instructional materials developed annually for practical training, exercises for self-control and works of students, consisting tickets for exams, assignments to the examination for students of correspondence department. Developed basic training and work programs in the disciplines of the department.

In addition to traditional philological disciplines, the department of the Belarusian language each academic year to develop and implement new learning process dytsypliny specialization. Thus, in 2011-2012 teachers of the department classes on specialization "Computational Linguistics" course "Psycholinguistics" and "sociolinguistics". Continue teaching specialized courses in the disciplines of specialization "Literary work in newspapers and magazines."
By the way, many graduates fialagichnaga faculty with specialty "Belarusian philology" specialization "of a literary work in newspapers and magazines," working in mass media Gomel region.

Employees of the Department of the Belarusian language are also involved in the implementation of many research projects. Research interests of teachers of faculty is diverse. Research at the Department is working to develop research topics: "Vocabulary of national life and economy in speeches Gomel Region", "People's natural terminology," "vocabulary of material and spiritual culture of the East Slavic Belarusians in context" (supervisor - Doctor of Philology, Professor Stankiewicz A.lyaksandra A.) "phraseological kantseptualizatsyya and Belarusians kategaryzatsyya world" (supervisor - Doctor of Philology, Professor Leschinskaya Olga).

On faculty scientific seminar, in which are active all teachers kafdery, preparing a variety of research reports, participate in the discussion of the papers read by members of the department.

The Department of the Belarusian language UO "Gomel State University Skaryna" is located in the building № 1 University at Svaetskaya Street, 108, r. 2-22, telephone department - 8 (0232) 602 265.

2011 The Department of Belarusian culture and folklore. Филологический факультет им. Ф. Скорины
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